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Royal Swings Ravens Travel Club

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Code of Conduct

Royal Swings Ravens Travel Softball Code of Conduct


What makes Royal Swings Ravens different from most competitive youth travel teams is our commitment to values. Royal Swings Ravens players are expected to maintain solid standing in school and are recognized for academic achievement. Our players participate in charitable events and give back to the communities in which they live and play.

There are many softball organizations out there, but very few live up to what they promise or they lack something that you are missing.  Bad experiences coupled with good experiences has given us an edge on what Chicagoland is missing; what it’s needing.

We can’t promise that you will win every single game, but we can promise that you will not regret the training and experience that your child will receive.

There is a saying – “You get what you pay for” That is never truer than when you are spending a large sum of money to play organized sports, so what are you willing to pay for and expecting to receive?

The $25 registration fee is for the costs associated with holding tryouts that are a huge administrative burden to offset some of the costs. We understand that this may deter some folks, and we thank you for considering. As a parent of a child who has played travel ball for 4 years, we have paid numerous try out fees without a guarantee of making that team, but we looked at it as a way to get additional practice as well as experience being part of a showcase – (something they need to learn in high school).



About Us

Mission Statement: To develop the skills and character that enable players and coaches to reach their fullest potential both on and off the field. To provide first-class resources for player/coach development and administrative support to allow coaches to coach and players to play.

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