When building a team, no quality is more important than trust. Trust builds momentum, improves performance and bonds teammates and coaches. When every player is pulling for every other player and the thoughts of “we” become the most important thing; only then does the team become a team, built on TRUST.

Here for our 2018/2019 Ravens season, we will embody the ‘we over me’ value by wearing that on the back of all our jerseys replacing the player name. This effort to blend all skills and strengths, setting aside ‘what’s good for me – personal glory’ to embracing ‘what’s’ good for the team, culture. As we will all win together and we will also lose together. Remembering that stars don’t shine alone, and are only bright with the presence of other stars. Ensuring success for all, will guarantee success for you. Join us in building trust, by embracing the rules and respecting the game.

Our goal is to ensure every player understands that their play on the field does not define them as a person. What defines you is how you treat your teammates, how you decide to tackle the role you are given and the attitude/work ethic you chose every single day, on and off the field.

Baseball and Softball might not be as physically demanding as some other sports but the mental toughness, drive, and perseverance that it takes to play a sport where you fail more than succeed, truly outweighs any physical demands and that deserves some respect.

With that, my motivation to remove last names from our jerseys comes from the mainstream ESPN, NCAA, and other news outlets showcasing where teammates come together to support an ill teammate, opposing teams coming together to support the opposing team who lost a member to cancer.  All the latest news highlighting situations and showing an amazing display of sportsmanship truly humbled me to look deep down and see what is it that we want to embody and teach you at Royal Swings Ravens? Well, we want to teach you strength and encouragement to reach out and set a standard that is true to the values of sportsmanship. Of course, we want to teach you the other stuff too (how to hit and field a ball), but what better way to do that by honoring our commitment by showcasing that on the back of our player jerseys. These things will most prepare all of you for the challenges in college and in LIFE.

Two years down and our 3rd year as an organization is looking bigger and brighter.  

Remember that WINNERS behave like WINNERS, long before they are WINNERS.  They have a winning standard of performance before they are WINNERS.



For more information about the club or to inquire about any openings, please contact us at royalswingsravens@outlook.com or at www.royalswingsravens.com.